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St. Ann's Hospital


About Us

St. Ann's Hospital, started in the year 1993 is situated in Kashimira near Shivaji putthla, it is run by the Sisters of St. Ann’s, Luzern, India, a Congregation of Religious Sisters who have responded to the call of Christ to work for the poor, the needy, the sick and the suffering especially the women and the children, and the less fortunate people of our locality after the charism

“Live to reveal the merciful love of God”

handed down by our Beloved Founder, Fr. Wilhelm Meyer.

Our motto is to reach out to those for whom Health Care is beyond their means. We have all along since our inception endeavored to provide Quality Health Care Services to the poor, not only at a reasonable rate, but also free of charge on numerous occasions heeding to the patient's financial status. We strive to render selfless, cheerful, and quality service, manifesting Jesus’s compassion to all, especially for the underprivileged and marginalized. Our main objective is to manifest a genuine compassion and love for patients and their families following the example of Christ.

Foundation of the St. Ann's Society

In the late 19th century, many people in Switzerland had to endure hardship with life being much harder than it is today. Large families were common; very few mothers were expected to have their babies in safety; mortality figure of mothers and children during childbirth was high; and while the mother was incapacitated, there was none who would look after the other children and the household. Qualified nurses were few and rarely would they take up family care. The public appealed to the religious congregations to set up nursing homes. Due to religious and social reasons, they could not meet this growing demand. These hard conditions led to the foundation of the Society.

Towards the end of 1908, out of compassion for the suffering mothers, Fr. Wilhelm Meyer took the courageous initiative to find an institute, the members of which would devote their lives to maternity welfare. In those days, the idea that the Sisters would work in families was against all existing norms. Since the Federal Constitution banned the formation of new congregations, he decided to find a religious Society under the name, “The Society of St. Ann”, in which the members would bind themselves by a solemn promise. It was among the members of ‘Youth Homes’ he had established that he found the first generous souls who were willing to assist him in the work of the Society of St. Ann’s

Our Founder
Fr. Wilhelm Meyer – A Priest for the People

Fr. Wilhelm Meyer - Founder Sister of St. Anns

A man after the Heart of God: Fr. Wilhelm Meyer was a person with clarity of perception and a reflective attitude. For him, living his daily life was an enactment of Salvation History. In short, he was a person after God’s own Heart. Unfortunately, a lump noticed on the side of his neck was diagnosed to be a Sarcoma. In spite of a few operations, regrettably, he did not recover from his illness. The priest and pastor of souls courageously faced the approaching hour of death. He accepted his condition with equanimity and bowed down completely to God’s will. His faith and trust in Divine Providence gave him the answer. Realizing this great responsibility, he began to put his affairs in order. His friend Fr. Peter Stocker lightened his dying moments in accepting the leadership over the Society. Bearing the excruciating pain quietly, he awaited the meeting of the Lord. After a short but busy period of 15 years of priestly ministry, scarcely 2 years after starting the Society, he left for the land of eternal bliss on February 8, 1912.

NABH Accreditation Certificate
(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Provides)

NABH Certificate
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